In a darkened room, a network of transmission and reception struggles to operate, enabled by an overly engineered set of modular components.

An array of speakers coupled with tiny amplifiers forms a system of distribution; micro-controllers drive electro-magnetic switches in a vague irrational logic.

A telephone dial identifies a generational gap, and provides an interface to an unseen communication channel, while electrical motors are synchronised with a speaker, giving voice to the 50Hz oscillation of the power supply.

A small wooden box speaks endlessly but ignores completely. A game of command and control visualises the individual to the point of anatomical objectivity. Tapes turn. Needles dance.

The maverick academic, specialising in generalities; a radio technician, perception shaped by remote atmospheric conditions; a population of customers, their intimate moments distilled from a mountain of meta-data; these are the subscribers to the Party Line.

MFA 2014. Photos by Kim Annan.

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