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Numbers Radio

It’s like a device to help you set up your own numbers station.

The Wandering Eye

Ask not what the Wandering Eye can do for you!      

The Rumsfeld Device

In his famous press conference Donald Rumsfeld warns of the potential threat of unknown unknowns. This device conveniently provides a simple measure of the current unknown unknown level in your local environment. A friend responded:  “I’m a bit confused. Also-if the Rumsfeld… Continue Reading →

The Voice of Authority

The video above shows a prototype wifi connected Voice of Authority. The images below show a wall-based model.   Vocal performance: Elke Finkenauer.

Sound Lamp

A lamp usually takes 240 volts of 50 hertz alternating current electricity and converts it into light. This lamp converts the same energy into sound.

The University of Who?

Hubert Raptor fidgets uneasily in his worn, mechanically adjustable chair. “I object to the term ‘para-academic’. It carries with it the implication that I am in some way, under qualified”, he states. This temporary office space with it’s exposed concrete… Continue Reading →

Sometimes A Great Notion

When Elsie MacPherson purchased Simplicity pattern 2523 at the Avondale hospice shop in November 1982, she did so with the intention of producing a practical and attractive garment for her six year old granddaughter, Elisa. It is unlikely she would… Continue Reading →

Be the Light of My Lantern

This performance was part of the group show Be the Light of My Lantern – February 2014. Curated by Philip Tse. Camera: Alvin Xiong.

A Public Service

A few months ago I was walking in The Domain when I met a man, also walking, who would periodically shout out what sounded like, “Fire Risk!” I imagined what his motivations for these public exclamations might be and wrote… Continue Reading →

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