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Smashing Plate

The Smashing Plate was the result of my participation in The Great Plate, an annual fundraiser for the Quarry Arts Centre.

Blowing up different kinds of speakers

Teenagers crowding around a Holden Camira, bourbon and cola in hand, watching for the moment when their Warehouse 6x9s will finally disintegrate to the Skrillex; our field of research is so unfortunately overshadowed by this image. In the name of… Continue Reading →

The Voice of Authority

The video above shows a prototype wifi connected Voice of Authority. The images below show a wall-based model.   Vocal performance: Elke Finkenauer.

Sound Lamp

A lamp usually takes 240 volts of 50 hertz alternating current electricity and converts it into light. This lamp converts the same energy into sound.

Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman (1969)

Be the Light of My Lantern

This performance was part of the group show Be the Light of My Lantern – February 2014. Curated by Philip Tse. Camera: Alvin Xiong.

Bad Program

Expect kinetic sound performance with warm analogue undertones and unconventional visual accompaniment.  Machines of delicacy and destruction composed of the bankrupt remains of a consumer-culture mortgagee sale, Bad Program is the solo project of Robert Carter. Inspired by high voltages he does… Continue Reading →

Life on other planets

This sound recording and composition project began for me with the idea of space. Not so much outer space as the title implies, but the locating of sound within a space. I began by sketching some ways to explore this idea…. Continue Reading →


I wrote previously about my experiments with spatial (multi channel) audio. Part of the idea was to be able to create audio characters that could move and interact.I built up the openframeworks application through a process of sketching. I added controls… Continue Reading →

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