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Human Detector #1

In the battle against outlaw robots, ever more sophisticated methods are being devised to ensure that some actions may only be performed by humans.

Composition for an L-shaped space

Sound installation and performance in conjunction with Sculpture Northland, Whangarei Quarry Gardens, 5 November 2017.

Smashing Plate

The Smashing Plate was the result of my participation in The Great Plate, an annual fundraiser for the Quarry Arts Centre.

But does it scale?

I discovered a whole stash of dials from scales under the house. Probably more than 200. It seems that the previous owner had the job of updating weighing machines to metric units.

Party season

Harry Bertoia's Sculpture (1965)

The Street Trash Sculpture Clash 2012

Last year we spent a sunday afternoon making sculptures from the inorganic collections around Otara. I’m the beardy guy in the overalls. Happening again this year, will be lots of fun. Check the video for more details.

The First Noble Truth – Arthur Ganson

Television is Dead to Me

About four years ago I stopped watching TV. By that I mean I stopped watching broadcast TV.  At the time my house did not have a TV aerial and when I got some rabbit ears hooked up the picture was… Continue Reading →

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