Robert Carter



Composition for an L-shaped space

Sound installation and performance in conjunction with Sculpture Northland, Whangarei Quarry Gardens, 5 November 2017.


Reel to reel tape machine, speakers, electronic components, microcontroller, software.

Sometimes A Great Notion

When Elsie MacPherson purchased Simplicity pattern 2523 at the Avondale hospice shop in November 1982, she did so with the intention of producing a practical and attractive garment for her six year old granddaughter, Elisa. It is unlikely she would… Continue Reading →

Jess Johnson – Outer Head of the Order

Quality of Light

Spent quite a while today running cables to try and make them as unobtrusive as possible! This is the remote camera I use to take the pictures. Thanks to Colab for the loan. A security camera that points at the… Continue Reading →

Television is Dead to Me

About four years ago I stopped watching TV. By that I mean I stopped watching broadcast TV.¬† At the time my house did not have a TV aerial and when I got some rabbit ears hooked up the picture was… Continue Reading →


In conjunction with Digital Art Live. Curated by Nolwenn Hugain-Lacire.

Jeremy Hutchison Err.

Repressive forces do not prevent people from expressing themselves; on the contrary, they force them to express themselves. (Deleuze, 1995) The resistor is a playful metaphor for our over-stimulated continuously networked world, where the price of participation is authorship. The… Continue Reading →

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