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Used Parts

Indulge your imagination. Bring some change. Relax, take your shoes off, fall into an armchair. Are you ready? Join us for a personal journey, an introspective liaison. A collaboration with George Hajian at Elam School of Fine Arts, ProjectSpace Gallery,… Continue Reading →

The Party Line

In a darkened room, a network of transmission and reception struggles to operate, enabled by an overly engineered set of modular components. An array of speakers coupled with tiny amplifiers forms a system of distribution; micro-controllers drive electro-magnetic switches in… Continue Reading →


These tenants are somewhat restricted and automatic in their movements, but cause no trouble and offer no dissent. A collection of microwave ovens have been partially disassembled and stacked. Some retain their moving turntables and lights. Some are monitored using… Continue Reading →

Quality of Light

Spent quite a while today running cables to try and make them as unobtrusive as possible! This is the remote camera I use to take the pictures. Thanks to Colab for the loan. A security camera that points at the… Continue Reading →

Urbis Design Day

After a week of long days the Incredible Machine was finished.

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