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50Hz hum

The 50Hz hum of mains AC voltage is part of out lives in a subtle way. This simple experiment makes the sound audible. hum The speaker will be fixed inside the big resistor and will cause it to resonate as it… Continue Reading →

  My plan is to take this beautiful Casio SA-10 synth and retro-fit a midi control interface to it. This would allow you to use a sequencer or computer to play the instrument. This is how it looks when you… Continue Reading →

Etching a Printed Circuit Board – attempt two

I decided to have a bit of fun with this one. After quite a few attempts and help from Ryan, Nic and others I was able to get a viable circuit board made. Next I decided to experiment with some… Continue Reading →

Drawing a circuit

After all the trouble I had tranfering circuit designs onto the PCB, I got myself  a PCB pen. The pen writes with lacquer that will resist the acid, so everything you draw becomes the circuit. I tried to think of… Continue Reading →

Etching a Printed Circuit Board – attempt one

… is more difficult than it seems. Preparing the materials. On glossy paper several copies of the circuit to be etched – mirrored, or wrong reading in printing terms. Sections of copper board cleaned to remove finger prints. Ammonium Persulphate… Continue Reading →

Power supply for drum machine

  [portfolio-slideshow include="1298,1299,1300,1301"] This looks big but it’s only 41mm x 24mm. You plug some power into it and it gives you the right supply to run the drum machine. I’m trying to build this project in modular parts so… Continue Reading →

Soft synth testing

A simple prototype synth using the arduino. The micro-controller chip is using pulse width modulation for audio synthesis. The last part of the video is a kind of glichy sound made by a combination of old and reused switches and… Continue Reading →


I made this jellyfish as an experiment in drawing using the oscilloscope. The computer generates sound that is plugged into the oscilloscope to make the picture. I use the mouse to change the sound to make the jellyfish move. That… Continue Reading →

Atom Delta oscilloscope music video

So if you take this track and put it into your oscilloscope in XY mode you get a very nice music video/demo to accompany the music! More Atom Delta:

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