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Initially as a tool for performance, the sequencer became more diverse in it’s applications, as I experimented with sequencing a range of objects. Using a microcontroller, it can control 12V and 240V mains switching to turn on and off most… Continue Reading →

Road Cone Death Machine

Well, not quite a death machine, but it makes a hell of a sound. I fitted the electric motor from a hedge trimmer into a plastic cone. The cone has an acoustic effect, as well as protecting me from the… Continue Reading →

Sequencer Switch

I built an effects box for use in my performance. It works by switching two inputs into one output. It works for audio, video and would even do 240V mains power if required. This small board fits on top of… Continue Reading →

The Bruce Lacey Experience

E-field detector

This small device detects electrostatic fields and lights the LED. The plan is to use this as part of a location-based game. The simple circuitĀ is used in conjunction with a nice panel meter to give a more accurate representation of… Continue Reading →

Oscilloscope swirl

[portfolio-slideshow] We created some nice swirls on the oscilloscope using XY mode and a two phase stepper motor used as a generator.

A field in the urban space

We’re working on a kind of urban game related to electromagnetic fields. We made a simple prototype today that uses arduino to sense EMF and indicate on an analogue panel meter (like a VU meter) the strength of the field…. Continue Reading →

JVC Camcorder Glitches

I found this camcorder at Tangleball. It’s an old style VHS recorder. After fixing a cable for the power supply I was able get it working. The thing that fascinates me about this camera is it’s viewfinder. Inside the viewfinder… Continue Reading →

Obsolete video equipment

Here is some video equipment i’ve been playing with recently. This image is from a small black and white TV. What you see is the output of a video multiplexer which takes four video signals and combines them into one… Continue Reading →

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