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Electric Painting #1

For a while I’ve been playing with the idea of an Electric Painting. I wanted to comply with some of the accepted conventions of painting, but using my own set of materials.  

Smashing Plate

The Smashing Plate was the result of my participation in The Great Plate, an annual fundraiser for the Quarry Arts Centre. At the same time I was working on Overthinking It, a Band Practice project. In this project we tried to create some… Continue Reading →


Reel to reel tape machine, speakers, electronic components, microcontroller, software.

Numbers Radio

It’s like a device to help you set up your own numbers station.

The Rumsfeld Device

In his famous press conference Donald Rumsfeld warns of the potential threat of unknown unknowns. This device conveniently provides a simple measure of the current unknown unknown level in your local environment. A friend responded:  “I’m a bit confused. Also-if the Rumsfeld… Continue Reading →

Sound Lamp

A lamp usually takes 240 volts of 50 hertz alternating current electricity and converts it into light. This lamp converts the same energy into sound.

Raglani – Trampoline Dream


Particle: Kanta Horio



Initially as a tool for performance, the sequencer became more diverse in it’s applications, as I experimented with sequencing a range of objects. Using a microcontroller, it can control 12V and 240V mains switching to turn on and off most… Continue Reading →

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