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Blowing up different kinds of speakers

Teenagers crowding around a Holden Camira, bourbon and cola in hand, watching for the moment when their Warehouse 6x9s will finally disintegrate to the Skrillex; our field of research is so unfortunately overshadowed by this image. In the name of… Continue Reading →

Sequencer Switch

I built an effects box for use in my performance. It works by switching two inputs into one output. It works for audio, video and would even do 240V mains power if required. This small board fits on top of… Continue Reading →

Live coding examples

Above is the latest version of Life on Other Planets. I thought i’d give a bit of insight about how I made this track. It’s composed of a set of samples based on field audio recordings. Each sample has a… Continue Reading →

Live-coding audio research


I wrote previously¬†about my experiments with spatial (multi channel) audio. Part of the idea was to be able to create audio characters that could move and interact.I built up the openframeworks application through a process of sketching. I added controls… Continue Reading →

Spatial sound visualisation

Been working on some spacial sound ideas recently. I did a test with a four channel audio setup and the plan is to be able to locate a population of insects within a space. Each insect will have some specific… Continue Reading →

Laser cut 12 inch

I thought it would be interesting to try to use a laser cutter to engrave a record. I did a bit of research and some sketches¬†to understand how sound is recorded on a record and how you might create a… Continue Reading →

Vinyl record grooves

I’ve been thinking about ways you could create a kind of record using etching or laser cutting. I saw some interesting scanning electron microscope images of the grooves of a vinyl record.   I would like the record to be… Continue Reading →

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