The Smashing Plate was the result of my participation in The Great Plate, an annual fundraiser for the Quarry Arts Centre.

At the same time I was working on Overthinking It, a Band Practice project. In this project we tried to create some work that was over worked / over analysed / overthought. I decided to document the creation of my work in excruciating detail; to lay bare the creative process to a personally embarrassing degree.

The video below is that documentation.

The work made for the Great Plate was auctioned online.

What happened next is described in this pitch to my Facebook friends encouraging them to bid for my work.

OK, so I made a plate.

Well, I didn’t _make_ the plate, but I stuck some stuff on it and I called it “Smashing Plate”. This is for the Quarry Art Centre’s annual plate auction and fundraiser.

“Why not make a plate that makes the sound of a smashing plate? That’ll sound good in a room full of other plates.”

So I made the plate, speaker, electronics, the whole bit.

The day of the exhibition comes. I check out my plate from the whole collection – WHAT? It’s SMASHED?

“It was sitting on the plinth and the next we heard was a smash – and it was smashed on the floor! We were going to tell you but it seemed like such a suitable result, we just picked up the bits and displayed it like that.”

Turns out the plate’s speaker’s kinetic energy was causing it move slightly every time it made it’s smashing sound, until…

So it actually worked out quite well and you can buy the smashed, smashing plate on trademe if you want; contemporary nyzullund art. BARGIN. Put it in the pool room.