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McQueen And I

An amazing light sculpture of a bird in flight – but this whole documentary is very interesting. These shows are great performance art.

Citizen Shane (2004)


Three kinds of artefacts

When I watch old videos on youtube I’m always interested in the visual artefacts that get introduced by the formats. In this example I have taken a still frame that shows three different kinds of format artefacts, all in the… Continue Reading →

Sabrina Ratté


Raglani – Trampoline Dream


Les Escargots (1965)

A farmer’s tears prove to be the ultimate fertiliser in this surreal animated short by René Laloux.

Harry Bertoia's Sculpture (1965)

20 Years is Nothing (C64)

Via GOTO80.

Normal Mailer and Marshall McLuhan (1968)

“It’s an inner trip not an outer trip…” – Marshall McLuhan Via Network Awesome.

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