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Richard Burton interviewed by Michael Parkinson

  34:20 I could hear one word that was absolutely terribly wrong… Nobody comes into the house of God during divine service. Now why did I say divine instead of divine – which is the perfectly obvious thing to say…. Continue Reading →

Helen Mirren interviewed by Michael Parkinson

My initial reaction: A classic example of 80s misogyny. Asked about why she refused to pose for Playboy, Mirren responded: Yes I did, I find Playboy a pornographic magazine, I mean, much more pornographic than Screw or any of those… Continue Reading →

Jess Johnson – Outer Head of the Order

Roger Ballen’s Asylum of the Birds

In support of the lunatic fringe

“Perhaps in the end it was more valiant, and greater in God’s sight, to breast the currents of reality, sin, and accept sin’s bitter consequences, instead of standing apart, with well-washed hands, living in sober, quiet security, planting a pretty… Continue Reading →

Siuyuett Tsang the Bookbinder

Party season

Tractate on the Steppenwolf (1974)

Animation by Jaroslav Bradac and Mati Klarwein after Hermann Hesse.  

John Waters Interviewed by Jonathan Ross (1984)


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