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Party season

Tractate on the Steppenwolf (1974)

Animation by Jaroslav Bradac and Mati Klarwein after Hermann Hesse.  

John Waters Interviewed by Jonathan Ross (1984)


McQueen And I

An amazing light sculpture of a bird in flight – but this whole documentary is very interesting. These shows are great performance art.

Citizen Shane (2004)


Three kinds of artefacts

When I watch old videos on youtube I’m always interested in the visual artefacts that get introduced by the formats. In this example I have taken a still frame that shows three different kinds of format artefacts, all in the… Continue Reading →

Sabrina Ratté


Raglani – Trampoline Dream


Les Escargots (1965)

A farmer’s tears prove to be the ultimate fertiliser in this surreal animated short by René Laloux.

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