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I kept a diary of everything I ate and what I saw other people eat, for a few days, and made a video based on it.


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But does it scale?

I discovered a whole stash of dials from scales under the house. Probably more than 200. It seems that the previous owner had the job of updating weighing machines to metric units.

A cheap system of Autonomous Objects

In the 70s, after your had purchased your home computer and assembled it from a kit, the next thing to do was to build a video card for it. What can we learn from this today?

I Love Your Work

Writing with a typewriter makes you think more carefully because you don’t have the luxury of Undo. This short text is inspired by the ever-expanding creep of video display screens into our lives.

Acceptance Tests for Life

BEGIN GIVEN that I have chosen this path through life THEN I should be satisfied with the consequences AND nothing can change the decisions of the past SO some kind of just reward has been served WHEN experience teaches us… Continue Reading →

A Transitional Imaginary

A Transitional Imaginary – Space, Network and Memory in Christchurch. In November 2015, the Aotearoa Digital Arts Network (ADA) brought together eight artists and writers in post-quake Ōtautahi Christchurch for a ‘book sprint’, the collaborative writing of a book over the… Continue Reading →

The False Demographic

The call to “design your own flag” aligns with a proud DIY culture, modern democracy and a wry antipodean humour. What does the referendum mean to Aotearoa’s largely apolitical and globalised youth? How does it affect the current nature of… Continue Reading →

Used Parts

Indulge your imagination. Bring some change. Relax, take your shoes off, fall into an armchair. Are you ready? Join us for a personal journey, an introspective liaison. A collaboration with George Hajian at Elam School of Fine Arts, ProjectSpace Gallery,… Continue Reading →

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