Here is some video equipment i’ve been playing with recently. This image is from a small black and white TV. What you see is the output of a video multiplexer which takes four video signals and combines them into one picture. I have two of these devices, so the obvious thing was to plug them together. You get four images in the corner of the larger four images.

This is the multiplexer box. You can change the text so it says other things apart from CAM1. It’s made by a company called ROBOT. Obviously this equipment forms part of a surveillance system. I also got hold of some old VCRs which do time lapse recording.

In all three VCRs the rubber bands had perished and transformed into sticky goo. Once that was fixed they seem to be mostly functional. VHS is a nice format for video. Unlike digital formats I degrades gently without breaking completely like a DVD.

I think I will use the subdivision of the images to make some kind of self portrait by photographing four parts of an image and using the multiplexers to divide the quarters down for more detail.