IIT JEE Main Online Coaching 


How are you planning to prepare for JEE Main this year? Many students are unable to crack JEE because of lack of guidance and learning resources. With askIITians online coaching programs, students get the best guidance on how to JEE Main preparation. 


  • Learn from the best and experienced JEE Main Experts 
  • Get live, online classes where you can interact with the tutor 
  • Study in a group or on one-on-one basis 
  • Participate actively in classroom discussions
  • Learn as per a personalised study plan 
  • Get unlimited practice tests 
  • Find the best JEE Main study materials online and in hard copy 


And much more! There’s a lot to explore, learn, and achieve with askIITians online JEE Main coaching classes. 


What Makes Online Learning for JEE Main Worthwhile With askIITians 


At askIITians we have three major JEE Main preparation courses: 

  1. a crash course for JEE where you can brush up on all the topics quickly. 
  2. one year program for JEE where you can study every concept for JEE Main and Advanced step by step from our experts 
  3. two year program for JEE where you get an in-depth training for JEE Main and JEE Advanced along with Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus 


We run three batches - Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each batch has its own features. Students can enrol in any batch based on how in-depth preparation they need. Here’s a short comparison of our engineering entrance exam batches. You can check their detailed features on our courses page. 


Bronze Batch

Silver Batch

Gold Batch

  • Live Classes
  • Regular Tests
  • Live Classes
  • Regular Tests
  • Personalised Mentoring
  • 3 Advanced Sessions
  • CBSE Sessions every week
  • Live Classes
  • Regular Tests
  • Personalised Mentoring
  • 3 Advanced Sessions
  • CBSE Sessions every week
  • 1-1 Doubt removal sessions


We test student’s performance in each batch and if we find it par excellence, we can even promote students from one batch to another or provide better services to them. 


Important Features of Online Coaching Classes at askIITians 


  • Learn from IITians: Many of our faculty members hail from the mighty IITs while others are from the top engineering colleges of India like NITs. 
  • Get live classes: Interact with your teachers as you study online and experience a classroom-like environment from your home. Study in live classes and get recordings for every class so that you can watch them at any time and revise a concept. 
  • Unlimited revision: Get practice papers, notes, assignments, worksheets, and a lot many study resources to master your concepts for IIT JEE Main. 
  • 24X7 Discussion Forum: Need help at 5:00 am? Find like-minded early birds on our discussion portal and solve your doubts at any time. 
  • Rank analysis: Participate in our all India test series and find where you stand in the crowd. Get the best advice on how to do better every time. 


Our Comprehensive Test Series Will Do The Trick


Wondering how you will perform in JEE Main? Our test series is designed to help you improve with every question that you answer. We provide several small chapter-wise tests, unit tests, daily practice papers, half-yearly tests and so much more. With each test you will be able to understand the topics much better and will understand how to approach questions in JEE Main. Our test series for JEE Main include:


  • 43 Chapter Tests
  • 7 Unit Tests
  • 2 Half Yearly Test
  • 3 Full Course Tests
  • 241 Daily Practice Papers
  • 6 Half Yearly Subjective Test
  • 2 Full Course Boards Mock Papers
  • 40+ Competitive Exam Test Papers (JEE Mains / Advanced / BITSAT / SAT etc.)


Access Study Resources Designed by Experts 


Our JEE experts have created the best study packages for students including the most comprehensive explanations, easy to understand solutions and step by step solved examples. We will provide you with study booklets for different chapters of Physics, Chemistry and Maths based on the latest JEE Main syllabus and exam pattern. Our study material also includes:


  • Mind maps, 
  • Worksheets, 
  • Assignments, 
  • Study Planners, 
  • Revision Notes, 
  • Question Bank, and much more! 


Enrol now and begin your journey to success with our expert guidance and performance tracking for JEE Main. Consult with our education counsellors to know more about our online JEE preparation courses and how to enrol in them. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


  • How can I ask doubts in a live class? 

Students can send their questions through live chat or they may even ask their questions via a microphone by speaking questions. Our teachers will guide you how to share your questions with them. 


  • How much will it cost to enrol in JEE Main online coaching? 

You can contact our customer support to find more about our tuition fee and pricing. We assure you that askIITians JEE Main online coaching is the most affordable online coaching. 


  • Can a repeater student or a drop out enrol in askIITians online coaching? 

Yes, if you are eligible to appear in JEE Main this year, we are here to help with our online coaching classes for JEE Main. 


  • Can parents interact with the tutors at askIITians? 

Yes, we can arrange parent-teacher meetings as and when required so that parents can equally participate in their child’s learning.


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution