This small device detects electrostatic fields and lights the LED. The plan is to use this as part of a location-based game. The simple circuit is used in conjunction with a nice panel meter to give a more accurate representation of the data.

The meter also includes two lamps for dial illumination. I replaced them with LEDs to reduce power consumption, and also to act as indicators in the game.

The idea of the game is to encourage players to slow down their activities and cause them to pause to contemplate their surroundings. When the sensor detects a place where there is a particular state of the e-field (either presence or absence we have yet to decide), it will begin to charge. When the player leaves that place the E-field will change and the charge will begin to be used up. The objective of the game is to find places to charge the device, in order to be able to move to new places, until the charge runs out.

We imagine the requirement to be still and wait in unusual place will create a better awareness of the environment.