Sound installation and performance in conjunction with Sculpture Northland, Whangarei Quarry Gardens, 5 November 2017.

I purchased a number of gas cylinders and experimented with ways to make them resonate the concrete, L-shaped bunker at the quarry.

I needed to make something that didn’t require electrical power, was not affected by rain or weather, and was not dangerous to the public. I also wanted this work to be accessible to adults and children alike, and to create an awareness of the unique acoustic properties of the bunker (and the quarry as a whole).

As part of the opening night celebrations, I scored a performance, annotating the walls of the space, and the sound objects themselves, to indicate how the sounds were to be played.

You can view the full length video of the second performance on my channel.

I’m happy members of the public participated in the performance, and that the work achieved a point of difference by encouraging interaction and play.

Thank you to Dave Taylor for lending me an inspiring object and to T & L Testers and Sculpture Northland for supporting this project.

Camera and edit by the multi-talented Kimberly Annan.