I improvise with artifacts of technological accretion, and search for ways to revive the dead, respect the old, and find humility in the consumer onslaught.

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Projects & Exhibitions


Synesthetic Washing Machine – Sculpture. Water – Ma te wai, ka ora tonu ngā mea katoa! Geoff Wilson Gallery, Whangarei.


Dub Cycles – An interactive musical band of exercycles. Quarry Arts Centre, Whangarei.
Human Detector #1 – Series in progress.
Electric Painting #1 – Series in progress.
Useless Signage #1 – Sculpture. Quarry Arts Centre, Whangarei.
Composition for an L-shaped space – An interactive sound installation and performance. Quarry Gardens, Whangarei.
The Great Plate – Sound sculpture. Yvonne Rust Gallery, Whangarei.


Finding Lucinda Fairweather – An interactive location-based text adventure game. Press article.
Band Practice – A rolling, collaborative, series of experiments. With George Hajian, Zöe Rapley and Kimberly Annan.
Shipping News – Documentation of maritime traffic in the Waitemata Harbour. Hashtag: #shippingnews.


A Transitional Imaginary, Space, Network and Memory in Christchurch – A collaboratively written book.
Voice of Authority II – Sculptural sound installation as part of The False Demographic. Curated by Ted Whitaker and Chloe Geoghegan, Blue Oyster Project Space, Dunedin.
Used Parts – An interactive installation. In collaboration with George Hajian, ProjectSpace Gallery, Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland.


The Party Line – MFA – Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland.
One Thing For Certain – Voice of Authority sound sculpture, Railway Gallery, Auckland.
Blowing Up Different Kinds of Speakers – Sound performance, Audio Foundation, part of Nowhere Festival, Auckland.
The University of Who? – Installation and performance, Artspace, Auckland.
Sometimes A Great Notion – Sculptural installation and performance, Audio Foundation, Auckland.
A Public Service – Performance, Festival of Uncertainty, Auckland.
Be the Light of My Lantern – Sculpture, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland.


Overcooked – Sculptural installation, St Pauls St Gallery, Auckland.
Spaces Between Thoughts – Sound performance, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland.
Listening Down the Line – Sound installation in the public space, as part of We Won’t Stab You, Auckland.
Sound Bleed – Sound performance in association with Sound Bleed, Audio Foundation.
One Day Wonder – Performance in collaboration with Kim Newall, Karin Hofko, Angeline Chirnside.
Concretions – Collaborative audio visual performance. Silo 6, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland.
Prelude for Turntable and Graphics Cards – Audio visual performance and installation. The Edge, Auckland.
Quality of Light – Interactive video installation, as part of Archipelago, NorthArt, Auckland.


Television is Dead To Me -Sculptural installation, Auckland
Bad Program – Sound performance in connection with The 2nd Annual Noisemakers Invitational, Wine Cellar, Auckland.
Generation of Loss – Live glitch performance, AUT University, Auckland.
Electro Garden – Interactive installation, AUT University, Auckland.
Classify Me – Audio visual performance. AUT University, Auckland.
Skylight – Interactive video installation. Emerging Pixels in association with Digital Art Live.


Resistance is Useless - Sculptural installation. AUT University, Auckland.
The Fat Cats - A wifi enabled sculpture. AUT University, Auckland.
State of Siege – Audio visual performance  in collaboration with Christine Probert, AUT University, Auckland.


Magic Garden – Interactive installation. Screenplay @ The Edge.
Constraint-Based Drawing – A street art performance, Auckland.
1201 Alarm – Sound performance as part of Aural Terrains, St Paul’s St Gallery, Auckland.


Foo – A Short film in collaboration with Alex Feasey.


2018. Producer, Beagle Radio Unschool Radio Show, Beagle Radio, Whanagarei.
2017 – 2018. Studio Holder, Quarry Arts Centre, Whangarei.
2015 – 2018. Board member, Aotearoa Digital Arts Network.
2011 – 2016. Supporter, Tangleball Inc Makerspace


Used Parts with George Hajian.
Illuminated Textiles by HyunJin Yun, Collaboration with Robin De Haan and HyunJin Yun, AUT Raw Exhibition, Auckland


Master of Fine Arts (1st class hons), Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, 2014
Bachelor of Creative Technology, AUT University, Auckland, 2012

Scholarships and Prizes

2014 Elam School of Fine Arts Prize for Moving Image and Sound Art
2013 Elam School of Fine Arts Prize for Moving Image and Sound Art
2011 Sony Scholarship for Creative Technologies