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I’m Robert Carter, an artist from Auckland, New Zealand. This blog follows my research interests and documents my work.

The University of Who?

Hubert Raptor fidgets uneasily in his worn, mechanically adjustable chair. “I object to the term ‘para-academic’. It carries with it the implication that I am in some way, under qualified”, he states. This temporary office space with it’s exposed concrete… Continue Reading →

Aaron Swartz interviewed about Megaupload

George Steiner – How To Reform The Humanities

 The useless is the highest form of human activity.

Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman (1969)

Julian Oliver’s detects Google Glass devices on the wifi network and kicks them off – protecting your local area from covert surveillance.

Loophole 4 All

Paolo Cirio created a simple way to make use of Cayman Island tax havens, and the big companies that use them. A great example of the politics of affirmation.

Turn! Turn! Turn! – Pete Seeger

Versions of the famous song and it’s relationship to Ecclesiastes.

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