Robert Carter

I Can’t Even Hunt

We are domesticated. The washing machine is an example of the comfortable excision of labour; “I can’t even hunt” is a bizarre continuation of the processes of our convenience culture.

Human Detector #1

In the battle against outlaw robots, ever more sophisticated methods are being devised to ensure that some actions may only be performed by humans.

Useless Signage #1

I decided to create a sign that is deliberately meaningless, that ties into the visual language of the city.

Electric Painting #1

For a while I’ve been playing with the idea of an Electric Painting. I wanted to comply with some of the accepted conventions of painting, but using my own set of materials.  

Dub Cycles @ Quarry Arts

In this project I used discarded fitness equipment to create a musical band of excercycles.

Band Practice

A rolling, collaborative, series of experiments, with George Hajian, Zöe Rapley, Kimberly Annan and Elke Finkenauer.

Composition for an L-shaped space

Sound installation and performance in conjunction with Sculpture Northland, Whangarei Quarry Gardens, 5 November 2017.

Stop Motion Animation

In this Band Practice¬†project we created an animation. For this work I used a range of found materials, including 8mm film and parts from old printers.  

Smashing Plate

The Smashing Plate was the result of my participation in The Great Plate, an annual fundraiser for the Quarry Arts Centre.

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